In 2007, Friends of Tierra Verde, in cooperation with the (now defunct) Tierra Verde & Isla Del Sol Chamber of Commerce, rescued this mural from being shipped off to the Guy Lombardo Museum in Ontario, Canada. The Mural, held in a Pinellas County Parks & Conservation Resources storage facility since this time, was returned to the island on May 15, 2015. It was returned to public display on September 29, 2016, which took place at an unveiling ceremony held at (new location of) The Island Grille & Raw Bar, 210 Madonna Blvd. in Tierra Verde, FL, 33715. The property literally steps away from the original location where the Mural was displayed, as long-term islanders know, at Port-O-Call in the former Tierra Verde Resort & Marina complex. Port-O-Call was co-owned by legendary band leader, Guy Lombardo, who owned a home in Tierra Verde. The Mural, painted by Carolyn Jackson Gruber, features a chronological timeline of historical events that occurred on (and around) Tierra Verde. The artwork is a treasured piece of history that Friends of Tierra Verde was instrumental in saving and returning to the island for all to enjoy! 

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Link to Route 66 Episode (Filmed in Tierra Verde)

CLICK HERE to listen to  Guy Lombardo

performing at Port O' Call in Tierra Verde, FL,

4/30/63. Courtesy of Old Time Radio Shows. 

Slideshow from The Legend of Tierra Verde Island

Mural Reception & Unveiling Ceremony.


A screenshot image from The Legend of Tierra Verde Island Mural. 

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Friends of Tierra Verde

Tierra Verde Community Overlay Program

The Tierra Verde Overlay Program was brought to the attention of islanders at a public forum held at The Island Chapel in 2004. Organized and hosted by Friends of Tierra Verde, the event was attended by county and state officials, and 150+ islanders. The Overlay Plan was further explored at a public meeting hosted by TVCA at a later date. Annexation has financial (and potential deed) implications for ALL Tierra Verde homeowners—not just TVCA members.

In December 2007, the Pinellas County Planning Department mailed a proposal to establish a Community Overlay for the Tierra Verde community to all property owners in Tierra Verde. The packet mailed included a map identifying the boundary of the Tierra Verde community and a proposed vision, objectives and policies that would be adopted as part of the Pinellas County Comprehensive Plan if there was sufficient support from property owners in Tierra Verde. The packet also included a self-addressed stamped postcard by which property owners could vote either "Yes" or "No" on whether they support the proposed Community Overlay.

At a December 2007 public meeting in Tierra Verde, there was a unanimous decision by those in attendance to submit the Community Overlay proposal (as modified at the public meeting) to Tierra Verde property owners for a vote to determine the level of support for moving forward. It was understood that at least 60 percent of the returned postcards would need to support the proposal in order for the Tierra Verde Community Overlay to be presented to the Board of County Commissioners for action.  More than sixty percent of those property owners voted in support of the Tierra Verde Community Overlay.

The mural, depicting historical scenes from Tierra Verde and the surrounding area, was on display at the (former) Tierra Verde Resort, where the (now deceased) legendary band leader, Guy Lombardo, regularly performed at Port-O-Call and Le Club.

In 2007, Friends of Tierra Verde, with support from the (now defunct) Tierra Verde & Isla Del Sol Chamber of Commerce, saved the mural from being sold and sent to the Guy Lombardo Museum in Ontario, Canada. Working with Pinellas County Parks and Conservation Resources, the mural was held in storage for seven years. It was repatriated to the island in May 2015.

“Working with Paul Cozzie, Director, Pinellas County Parks and Conservation Resources, Friends of Tierra Verde was able to secure climate-controlled storage for the mural for the past seven years. It was a great day when we were able to repatriate it to the island. It’s special to know that this piece of historical artwork [is now on] display again, on the very piece of land that we removed it from many years ago, as we waited for the right opportunity to present itself for displaying it again,” said Connie Langhorst, the founder and president of Friends of Tierra Verde. “I wish to extend heartfelt thanks to everyone involved. The unveiling ceremony represents the first time the mural [is] on public display in more than a decade.”

Special thanks to Donna Mason, Arthur Zelenak, Sr, Paul Cozzie, Director of Pinellas County Parks and Conservation Resources, and to Timothy L. and Pamela Landt, and Bob and Colleen Mueller of The Island Grille and Raw Bar. And, thank you, too, to everyone who came out to support this community event. 

UPDATE: Although Friends of Tierra Verde has made numerous inquiries regarding the distribution of any net proceeds generated in support of the Mural and our community at the unveiling event from the sale of merchandise and any private donations, this information has not be provided to date. 

Friends of Tierra Verde
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Friends of Tierra Verde's website was featured in the Neighborhood Times section of St. Petersburg Times (now Tampa Bay Times, 10/11/06, Page 5). The article, entitled "Online Neighborhood Sites Keep Residents Connected," showcased a number of Pinellas County community websites offering a way for neighbors to log on to get news and information, and voice opinions about local goings-on. Friends of Tierra Verde was the only website from the south gulf beaches to be recognized.

To everyone who participated in the
Legend of Tierra Verde Island Mural Unveiling Ceremony, which took place at 
The Island Grille

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September 29, 2016